Corporate Web Hosting

Providing reliable corporate web host solutions tailored for large Organizations. Our corporate web hosting packages are designed to meet the needs of large companies with a high bandwidth usage.


Web Hosting Corporate Web Hosting Packages
Setup Fee Free
Storage Space 5 GB
Data Transfer/ Bandwidth per month 30 GB
My SQL Databases 50
Emails (POP &IMAP) 250
Control Panel (CPanel) greenarrow
Sub-domains 50
Spamassassin greenarrow
Email Forwarding 250
Web Statistics greenarrow
File Manager greenarrow
Php MyAadmin greenarrow
PHP 5.2.x greenarrow
Fantastico greenarrow
CGI-BIN greenarrow
FTP Access greenarrow
PERL 5.6 greenarrow
IMAGEMAGICK 5.5.5 greenarrow
Zend Optimizer greenarrow
GD2 greenarrow