Knowing The Basics Of SEO

Posted on: January 28th, 2010

Search engine optimisation is the most effective thing that will optimize you site in a way that only quality traffic will be headed towards it through various search engines. SEO is a unique term which is specifically utilized to detail the technique and strategy by which flow of traffic towards a specific website can be improved greatly.


It is really essential to have quality traffic towards your website rather than having uninterested visitors or readers. Only Potential customers help in increasing conversion sales for your website so it is important to have only those customers directed towards it. SEO is a strategy used in the world of internet marketing to direct excellent quality traffic to your website all the time. No website today can expand and enlarge without adopting proper Search Engine Optimisation techniques. The search engine optimisation strategy optimizes your website by not just using on page strategies but off page strategies as well. But before you employ these strategies in your business you must be aware of SEO basics:



Now using different HTML headers like H1, H2…, show the importance of you webpage in various search engines. Optimisation of your tile is of utmost importance and is relevantly helpful to let search engine spiders know what ranks your website deserves.


Layout Preparation:
Layout of your website must be given extreme importance while designing it. You should create a layout with perfect linking structure which gives orderly information and can be conveniently followed by the customers. You must see carefully where in your website design you place most important information so that it can catch the eye of customer instantly.


Keyword density:
Keywords are really important for every website. They are really helpful for the search engines to track your website in the search results. The keyword density was a major issue last year and many spammers just used keywords in their website content to make it rank higher but now Google has changed its criteria of ranking websites and has restricted the keyword density to only 4%. Any website not following this rule is blocked by Google. So you should research the useful keyword for your website online and make sure you place them appropriately without crossing the set keyword density limit by Google.


Meta Tags:
Using relevant keywords in the Meta tags of your website is also essential to get your content indexed properly. Meta tags are hidden tags that are available in the HTML document that helps in making your website catchy and navigable. So, it is important that you use Meta tags carefully to increase the visibility of your website in various search engines.


Ongoing SEO
Staying on the top and being visible online are two different aspects for your websites. The ongoing competition among online marketers is hard to tackle. So it is significant that you consistently optimize the content of your website and so as to draw only potential customer towards it. You will have to constantly work on link building to beat your contenders and rank high in search results.