Link Building – An Important Aspect of your SEO Company’s Services

Posted on: September 30th, 2010

A crucial service offered by your SEO Company, link building can play a key role in getting you back links as well as enhancing your online reputation.


Link building is one of the most essential aspects of a search engine optimisation campaign. A part of off-page optimisation, it is the technique that not only gets you redirected traffic, but also builds your PageRank and rankings on search engine result pages.


To be successful with your online campaign, you should know where to put your efforts for maximum returns? Strategic link building is all about finding an enviable place for yourself in the online marketplace that already exists. It is about establishing a growing community that will eventually do your ‘bidding’ amongst your competitors.


If you have done everything in the book – directory submissions, article submissions, blog publishing, Press Release submissions, etc. – and still do not see any remarkable improvements in traffic or rankings, it is time for you to sit back and reassess your link building and overall search engine optimisation strategy.


The first thing you need to do is define your online marketplace. Find out where your prospective customers go when they are looking for an answer to their problems. Which directories, article sites, forums, etc. do they visit the most and what is it that they look for in them. When you analyse these sites and their content, you will be able to define your online marketplace for link building.


An effective SEO and link building strategy is not about submitting your links to 500 directories in a day; it is about submitting it to 50 important information websites that your potential customers use.


Once you have discovered your niche, start developing good content and continue with this process religiously if you want your link building efforts to show some long-term results. There’s absolutely no substitute for good content. Content gets you up the search engine rankings and encourages others sites to link to your pages. Moreover, it is content that retains customers on your website.


But you need to remember one very important thing. Don’t publish content just for the sake of it. Every piece of content on your site should be there for a purpose. It should revolve around your sales strategy, and should be able to support the claims that you make about your product or service in forums, articles and directories. This is a sure-shot means of getting link backs from good, established online sources.


If you want your search engine optimisation strategy to be successful, you should ideally take help from a professional expert who is well-versed with the working on search engines. Companies such as SEO Services Australia, which are amongst Australia’s leading SEO services providers, have on board SEO experts who can help clients generate quality links and impressive search engine rankings for their websites.